Videos showing Behavioral Fluency and Frequency Building

We all have experienced those moments where a performance profoundly moves us. Those instances when we witness the singular spark of greatness that dwells within everyone. The performances we marvel at have reached a level of speed and accuracy called “behavioral fluency.” Behavioral fluency is the technical term used for the more familiar, descriptive words for automatic, smooth, flowing, fast, highly accurate, beautiful behavior.

Behavioral fluency is attained after a person spends focused, directed time building frequency, or frequency building’s better known cousin – practice. If you want exceptional performance for yourself or someone else, the technology exists within Precision Teaching. In the following sections we share performances that show behavioral fluency and frequency building, the journey taken to behavioral fluency. Remarkable behavior, that is fluent behavior, is to be shared and celebrated by all. From mastering math facts to concert piano performances, fluent behaviors are the gems of humanity.

The clips show specific information: pinpoint+, performer, counting time, and the performance standard. Please join us in our celebration and admiration of fluent behavior by uploading your own clips to YouTube channel “precisionteaching.” Or send directly to me here and I will format your clips: Send to Rick

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