Information (Web links)

Links you may like to pursue:

Standard Celeration Society

The Standard Celeration Society is the governing/organizing body for those interested in Precision Teaching (PT) and Standard Celeration Charting (SCC). Find information on conferences, the journal, and many other exciting PT/SCC related events/information. Go for the information, stay for chart goodness!

Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki

The Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki is operated and maintained by Regina Claypool-Frey. If there is a PT heaven in cyberspace, the¬† Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki is it! One of the most comprehensive PT resources on the web. We love the information and Regina’s wonderful work ethic and passion for PT and effective education.

 Precision Teaching Resource

My first PT webspage. Yes, it needs updated, like the picture of my from 2001, but it still has great information. Like all of my publications (hubris your name is Rick Kubina).

The Precision Teaching Party

My second PT webpage. A number of very nice videos, podcasts, pictures, and other information. I need to update more – do we see a theme developing?


A listserve devoted to Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration Charting. The SClistserv is unmoderated and welcoming to all new comers and PT veterans. List traffic goes in spurts but never overwhelming. The SClistserv has been in operation since 1996, and never one flame war. Nah, we have had flame wars but only about important topics like “Mint Klondikes – ruining an original,” and “Jersey Shore: The end of humanity?”

Behavior Research Company

The absolute best place on planet Earth, no in the galaxy, to purchase Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration Charting materials is the Behavior Research Company, or BRCO. If BRCO was a public company I would be a major stock holder. They have very fair prices and a wonderful supply list.