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On nonstandardization

Years ago I spent time in the US Navy as a Seabee. I had a job as an equipment operator (EO). Driving different heavy equipment seemed easy enough. See me in the picture below with my rough-terrain forklift. Figure 1. … Continue reading

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All learning boundaries are conventions

People we care for can struggle when learning. Sometimes those challenges rise to a level  signaling deep concern. A student who cannot read, for instance, will have very limited career avenues not to mention limited participation in much of what … Continue reading

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Cumulative Record >>> Standard Celeration Chart

Ogden Lindsley always gave credit to his mentor B. F. Skinner for two important components of Precision Teaching: rate of responding and the cumulative recorder (Lindsley, 1971, 1991a, 1991b). (From The cumulative recorder helped Skinner discover laws of behavior. … Continue reading

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Using Precision Teaching for a better future

For my 2013 New Year’s resolution I have chose a lofty goal: help as many people as possible learn to use Precision Teaching (PT). I chose this as my resolution because I firmly believe PT embodies a life altering behavioral/educational … Continue reading

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The celeration period

In my previous blog post I used the term “celeration period” in a rather cavalier manner. In Precision Teaching, however, celeration period has a distinct meaning. Namely, the celeration period refers to a fixed length of time on a Standard … Continue reading

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Og Came To Oz*

During the Fall 1964 semester, Professor Norris G. Haring, then Director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Unit (CRU) at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Professor Richard L. Schiefelbusch, then Director of the Bureau of Child Research at the University … Continue reading

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Precision Teaching Behavior Dynamics Designs

Single case experimental designs have become an established method for determining functional relations between variables. According to the What Works Clearinghouse, single case designs “can provide a strong basis for establishing causal inference, and these designs are widely used in … Continue reading

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Importance of pinpointing

Precision Teaching promotes the use of clear, precise descriptors of real behavior, a process called Pinpointing. Behavior, in Precision Teaching, is synonymous with movement, action, and activity, something producing observable changes in the environment. A passion to speak about, measure, … Continue reading

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First Blog Post

First blog post, what to say? Do I start by pointing out the our education system fails way too many learners and is more of an art than a science? No, that seems a little negative. Perhaps I can draw … Continue reading

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