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Cumulative Record >>> Standard Celeration Chart

Ogden Lindsley always gave credit to his mentor B. F. Skinner for two important components of Precision Teaching: rate of responding and the cumulative recorder (Lindsley, 1971, 1991a, 1991b). (From The cumulative recorder helped Skinner discover laws of behavior. … Continue reading

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Precision Teaching Behavior Dynamics Designs

Single case experimental designs have become an established method for determining functional relations between variables. According to the What Works Clearinghouse, single case designs “can provide a strong basis for establishing causal inference, and these designs are widely used in … Continue reading

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Classification in the sciences and PT

Classification is a practice to bring order to the vagaries of natural phenomena studied by all scientists. Classification refers to a process where an object, event, idea is grouped and arranged by applying a logical or physical structure to the … Continue reading

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