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All learning boundaries are conventions

People we care for can struggle when learning. Sometimes those challenges rise to a level  signaling deep concern. A student who cannot read, for instance, will have very limited career avenues not to mention limited participation in much of what … Continue reading

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Using Precision Teaching for a better future

For my 2013 New Year’s resolution I have chose a lofty goal: help as many people as possible learn to use Precision Teaching (PT). I chose this as my resolution because I firmly believe PT embodies a life altering behavioral/educational … Continue reading

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Bounce on the SCC

I have not entered a blog post for a while due to a grant which I can now report has found its way to IES. Now I can turn back to my official duties as a PT blogger. Today we … Continue reading

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Counting and timing behavior

In the applied science we call medicine, a patient visits a doctor due to some condition aversely affecting health. The applied medical model involves the doctor obtaining information to identify the problem (e.g., virus, unregulated cell growth, parasites, deteriorating muscle). … Continue reading

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Importance of pinpointing

Precision Teaching promotes the use of clear, precise descriptors of real behavior, a process called Pinpointing. Behavior, in Precision Teaching, is synonymous with movement, action, and activity, something producing observable changes in the environment. A passion to speak about, measure, … Continue reading

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Classification in the sciences and PT

Classification is a practice to bring order to the vagaries of natural phenomena studied by all scientists. Classification refers to a process where an object, event, idea is grouped and arranged by applying a logical or physical structure to the … Continue reading

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