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On nonstandardization

Years ago I spent time in the US Navy as a Seabee. I had a job as an equipment operator (EO). Driving different heavy equipment seemed easy enough. See me in the picture below with my rough-terrain forklift. Figure 1. … Continue reading

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Why the world needs celeration

One of the major contributions Precision Teaching (PT) has made lies in a standard measurement unit called celeration. It makes sense a measurement unit would rise to the top of the achievement list because Precision Teaching itself is a measurement … Continue reading

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All learning boundaries are conventions

People we care for can struggle when learning. Sometimes those challenges rise to a levelĀ  signaling deep concern. A student who cannot read, for instance, will have very limited career avenues not to mention limited participation in much of what … Continue reading

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Cumulative Record >>> Standard Celeration Chart

Ogden Lindsley always gave credit to his mentor B. F. Skinner for two important components of Precision Teaching: rate of responding and the cumulative recorder (Lindsley, 1971, 1991a, 1991b). (From The cumulative recorder helped Skinner discover laws of behavior. … Continue reading

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