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Charting zero

A recent post to the SClistserv (which you should join if you haven’t already) asks how the frequency multiplier works in the case of 0 or no count frequency. The answer reinforces many of the four reasons I have advanced … Continue reading

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Using Precision Teaching for a better future

For my 2013 New Year’s resolution I have chose a lofty goal: help as many people as possible learn to use Precision Teaching (PT). I chose this as my resolution because I firmly believe PT embodies a life altering behavioral/educational … Continue reading

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Year in review

Before the new year many people reflect on the past year’s events. This late date in late December finds me doing the same thing. As a Precision Teacher I tend to look at life as I do through the lens … Continue reading

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The celeration period

In my previous blog post I used the term “celeration period” in a rather cavalier manner. In Precision Teaching, however, celeration period has a distinct meaning. Namely, the celeration period refers to a fixed length of time on a Standard … Continue reading

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Celeration – Why growth rates matter

A headline read “Economy adds 103,000 jobs, but it’s not enough.” The news story indicated the United States added 103,000 jobs in September 2011 but the addition of jobs fell short of a meaningful gain. Think about that for a … Continue reading

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Og Came To Oz*

During the Fall 1964 semester, Professor Norris G. Haring, then Director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Unit (CRU) at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Professor Richard L. Schiefelbusch, then Director of the Bureau of Child Research at the University … Continue reading

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Bounce on the SCC

I have not entered a blog post for a while due to a grant which I can now report has found its way to IES. Now I can turn back to my official duties as a PT blogger. Today we … Continue reading

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Precision Teaching Behavior Dynamics Designs

Single case experimental designs have become an established method for determining functional relations between variables. According to the What Works Clearinghouse, single case designs “can provide a strong basis for establishing causal inference, and these designs are widely used in … Continue reading

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Counting and timing behavior

In the applied science we call medicine, a patient visits a doctor due to some condition aversely affecting health. The applied medical model involves the doctor obtaining information to identify the problem (e.g., virus, unregulated cell growth, parasites, deteriorating muscle). … Continue reading

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Counts and visual displays

The following figure shows counts of behavior and portrays those counts graphically in sets. The counts can represent any learner behavior the teacher may wish to measure (e.g., interrupting a conversation, volunteering to do a classroom chore, writing antonyms or … Continue reading

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